Monday, November 21, 2011

A Very Merry Birthday

We had another Birthday this week. Our 14 year old Morgan (aka Moose) turned the big 1 - 5. We had her party this weekend. Nothing too major, just a small celebration with family and friends - some hamburgers on the grill, birthday cake and of course, presents.

Her actual birthday was Monday, so of course we celebrated with our new tradition of cake for breakfast that morning - or in her case, brownies for breakfast!

Everything went really well, except for the small breakdown I had once it was all over! Does that happen to anyone else? After the planning and organizing and hostessing you finally feel overwhelmed and exhausted and just have to have a good cry?? Or is that just me?!

So, here's a few pics of the festivities...


In other news, the Christmas Home Tour is 2 weeks away! I can't believe it's almost here. The house looks amazing thank to my Mom and there is still so much more to do. I was so excited when I was at the gas station on Friday and saw some of the advertising up and there on the list it said 'The Elf House'!!

Trying to get lots of pictures taken to share with everyone. Honestly, the house looks like something straight our of a magazine (or a Pinterest board). It's quite stunning and beautiful!

Here's wishing everyone a happy (and hopefully short) week! I know my work week is only 3 days!

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  1. Hey,
    So glad the party went well, that cake looks delicious ;0)..
    Yes i get the meltdown too; i think its part exhaustion, excitement and relief all mixed into 1.
    Cannot wait to see the house pictures ;)

    Love and hugs xox