Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kid Tested and Approved

I'm sure some of you mama's out there are like me. I work all day and when I get home, sometimes the last thing I want to do is worry about cooking dinner. But I do it every night. It's important to me that the kids have a home cooked meal and we sit down at the table together as a family. If you are a regular follower of my little blog, you know we have some serious food issues at our house. I've been given 4 of the pickiest eaters in the world, one might be in the running for the pickiest eater of all time.

We do have a rule that everyone has to try whatever is on the table, but I still put a lot of thought into what I make so that the majority of our house will eat and be happy. Unfortunately for me, this means I haven't been able to make something that I truly love in the last 3 months - but these are the sacrifices we make for our kids.

Pinterest has been a God send for me on the cooking front. It's so easy to pin a recipe that looks 'family friendly' rather than go out on the world wide web and search for things that might work for our dinner table.

I get home at 4 and my family doesn't get home till 6, so all the preparation and cooking is done prior to them getting home. This means, even when things they 'say' they don't like go into the dish, they have no clue (such as sour cream, cream cheese, onions, peppers) and I can sit down with a small smile on my face at how I've pulled one over on them. I do go as far as to lie to them when they ask what's in something -- because what they don't know, doesn't hurt them.

So I thought I would start a semi-regular post about the recipes that I've found and tried and were kid tested and approved. Maybe some of you have picky eaters out there that could benefit. Maybe you have some recipes you could send my way!

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Chicken strips wrapped in bacon. Who doesn't love anything wrapped in bacon. Very simple to fix. I marinated mine with barbecue sauce, because we all love barbecue sauce! You can find the recipe here.

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Pizza Casserole. This one was a huge hit. Everyone had seconds and thirds (besides one) and we even ate leftovers. It is a lot like lasagna - but a little more fun with the pepperoni. It was quick, easy and delicious. Look for the recipe here.

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Chicken Roll ups. We had these last night. They are similar to a chicken enchilada, except they are wrapped in a crescent roll. We had 4 out of 6 give these a thumbs up - which at my house makes them a keeper! They were extremely easy to make and you can look for them here.

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Mmmmm, mmmmmm good! These were so tasty! I bought the chicken tenders (instead of chicken breasts) and they are breaded in Ritz crackers and baked. You make this creamy sauce to go over them and the whole meal took less than 20 minutes to prepare (prior to baking). All the kids really liked these, and alas, didn't even know there was sour cream in the sauce! Get this recipe here.

I have a whole board of nothing but recipes on Pinterest, that  I call 'Family Night Dinner.' Not following me on Pinterest yet? Shame on you! Head on over and see all the lovely things I find here.

Do you have any family night dinner recipes that are a hit at your house? Do you have picky eaters? Would love to hear!


  1. You had me at bacon. ;) DELISH!

    I do a chicken & peppers dish that's easy peasy. I cube chicken, sautee it in EVOO on the stove top, throw in some diced red & green peppers until they're soft, throw in some spices, and put it over brown rice. :) We like cheese on top, too - grated parmesan or shredded cheddar, depending upon our mood.

  2. I'm the picky eater in our household...

    I will say that since I met my husband, I have gotten A LOT better about the picky eating. He's gotten me to try salad dressing. Seafood. Asparagus. And the most recent was mushrooms. I will say that I'm so lucky to have a fairly patient husband who has gone without some of his favorite things because I wouldn't like it...but I'm trying my best to branch out more so that he can have all his favorites.

  3. Hi! These look delicious. I'm always looking for new recipes to try.

    I'm hopping over from the blog hop at Miss Mommy.

  4. Yummy! Thanks for sharing.