Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Santa v. 2

My Christmas list seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. My poor honey. He just can't keep up with the million links I send him daily on the things I want! It just seems like each new day I discover a new shop or item that I just have to have!

You can check out my first Dear Santa list here if you missed it!

So, today I thought I would share some more of my Christmas 'wish list' with you! Who knows, you may want to add some of these lovelies to your list!

1. Woodgrain Wood Heart Neck - Personalized by blockpartypress  

2. Deery Lou Ring by ElletheHeiress  

3.Retro Apron Squirrels and Owls by Boojiboo  

 4. Doe-Eyed Forest Sac by littleoddforest

What's currently on your Dear Santa list?

Lots of Love...


  1. Love the necklace!

    Right now my Christmas list has an ereader, yarn swift, yarn & a new couch [LOL]. My husband & I were just told that some of our family might be going in together to get us a new couch that we've desperately been needing.

  2. I LOVE that tree and heart necklace! LOVE.

  3. Cute woodgrain necklace! I've been working on my Christmas list for months... :)