Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Here Is the ((BIG)) News...

I sit here and write this post with a mix of emotion. I'm angry and excited - anxious and scared - happy and relieved. I am now officially without a job. I wish I could say it was because I finally found the courage to step out and chase my dreams, but there is a little more to the story than that (although I'm excited that I now have the opportunity to chase my dreams)! Let me back up and give you a little history.

I met my boyfriend, David, at work. We've been friends for the last 2 years and when we both found our situation where we had the opportunity to go out, we decided to give it a shot. And it got serious. So, since we do work together (and by work together, I mean for the same company. We would go weeks and never have out paths cross) I went in and sat down with the HR Manager to alert her of the situation. I knew there was no policy against dating, but I wanted to go the extra step and be up front. The HR Manager assured me that we were not breaking any rules or policies and that what we did in our personal life was just that, 'personal.'

Fast forward 2.5 months to yesterday. The President and COO of the company called me into his office. He told me he had heard I was dating a co-worker. He gave me 3 options: quit, get fired or call off the relationship. I calmly told him I was giving my 2 weeks and proceeded to write my letter of resignation, which said:

"I've been informed I cannot work here and have a personal relationship with a co-worker, despite the fact that I alerted HR about the relationship 2 months ago and was told there is no policy against it."

Upon my direct supervisor reading the resignation he advised me if I didn't re-write it and leave that information out, he would not pay me out my vacation time (thank goodness I made a copy of the original before I gave it to him). So, I re-wrote the letter the way he wanted it - I didn't feel I had an option, I needed all the money paid out to me I could get.

I then boxed up my belongings and clocked out, as they do not allow you to work out a 2 week notice. And that leaves me where I am now - without a job!

I believe God has a plan for everyone and that everything happens for a reason. I have whole hearted faith in that. So instead of being upset and flipping out, I'm taking this as an opportunity to start to work on my business and search for a job that I'm passionate about and allows me to be happy. It also allows me to prepare for the next big news I have to share - which is...

David and the kiddos are moving in!

We were planning on September, but with this change of events, it will probably be sooner than later. So, I'm working diligently to get my 2 extra rooms ready for the kids and make space for David and just get the house ready overall. I couldn't be more excited about this new venture in my life!

So, that's the story. Sometimes prayers get answered in ways we didn't expect! Sometimes what seems like a bad thing is truly a blessing in disguise. And for the first time in my life, when life handed me a lemon I'm making a kick ass batch of lemonade!

Lots of Love...

~Manda Jane~


  1. everything happens for a reason and I'm sure it will all work out!
    but honestly, if HR told you that it wasn't an issue, and you were forced to quit, you should talk to a lawyer. That doesn't seem right. you should at least be able to collect unemployment...

  2. Oh my word! Such excitement- I love/admire your positive outlook :-) Best wishes to you!

  3. God puts us exactly where we are supposed to be and some times it's being a kick ass lemonade maker.

  4. Oh Miss Manda Jane!?!

    I have to agree with either comment, everything happens for a reason. And I think you need to contact a lawyer since the company clearly did you dirty.

    I commend you for your awesome outlook, and you strength to leave the place. I probably would have lost my marbles.

    I am excited to see your creations and do not ever hesitate to contact me if you need anything!?!

  5. I'm so happy that you have been freed from that toxic environment. You are going to do big things, ma'am. I know it! And a big woo hoo to your full house!

  6. You are going to be just fine. Take this chance to do something you really want to do. You can do it!

  7. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words ladies! Everyone's awesome support makes things so much easier and I don't feel like I'm alone. The goods news is, I took the first step in doing something that I love today and officially got my Etsy shop open! AND I have some writing work coming my way - and I do LOVE to write! So, I know I'm going to be just fine!