Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't you love it when...

So, since starting the Indie 3.0 class, I've been totally inspired to try new things. I never considered myself a crafty lady, but, no harm in trying - right. So, after a good hour and more in Hobby Lobby on Friday, I came home with all kinds of goodies to try my hand at some new things! I figure, if I completely bomb at something - at least I tried! And maybe along the way, I might find some new things I enjoy and I'm good at! So, tonight I made these little cuties...

Let me know what you think! I'm pretty stoked! Can't wait to rock the headband at work tomorrow! I will post a pic :)

In other exciting news - I ordered a new HP Laptop today! My current laptop is about 5+ years old and my moms cat peed on it last year. Needless to say, it's never been the same! Yuck! So, I did something I never, ever do! I used some of my income tax money to make a big purchase! Granted, it made me a little nauseous to do so -- I'm a saver, not a spender -- but think it will be well worth it. As I venture into growing Elf House delights and consider getting on Etsy (not right now, but eventually) - I figure it will be good to have a good, solid laptop! So, I'm so excited! So excited in fact, I even spent the extra money for one day shipping! I know, I'm a wild and crazy girl!

AND - in other exciting news, I've been really thinking long and hard about the branding of Elf House, the look and message I want to convey, etc. I'm not always the most creative person -- but today, out of nowhere - like a lightning bolt -- all these super fantastic tag lines came to me! I've been thinking on this for weeks! I was running like crazy all over the house to find my Indie binder and a pen to write it all down before I forgot.

Feel like I'm on the right track - and feeling really good today!

Lots of love...

~Manda Jane~

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